Guided tours

Immerse yourself in the rich and long history of the "white town" Thorn.

Accompanied by guides, you will be guided around the many sights in the Abbey Church and the beautiful monumental buildings in the center of Thorn. Also nearby villages are certainly worth a visit, either with or without a guide.

Abbey church in Thorn: For an extensive tour through the Abbey church go to the Abbey Church museum, Kerkberg 2, 6017 HA Thorn, Phone: +31 475 561 410, 

VVV Thorn, Wijngaard 8, 6017 AG Thorn, Phone: +31 475 561 085, 
Various professional guides will lead you to many of the monumental buildings and the remains of the old Principality of Thorn. Listen and be amazed about our rich history.

Toertje Thorn Gidsenteam, Molenweg 1a, 6017 BM  Thorn, Phone: +31620838458, 
Toertje Thorn takes you to the most beautiful spots in our "Whit Town" and tells you all about Thorn and the Stift. There are several (themed) tours available for both large and small groups.

Toertje Wessem Gidsenteam, Molenweg 1a, 6017 BM  Thorn, Phone:: +31620838458 
Go for a walk through the pitoresque town Wessem under the guidance of a tourguide.

Fortified town Stevensweert, Jan van Steffeswertplein 1, 6107 BZ Stevensweert, Phone: +31 475 550 236, 

Stevensweert, island in the Maas, is a historic fortified town with a rich history. Take a look at the regional museum or take a walk around the fortress.