Dogs allowed

Dogs are very welcome at Hotel-Restaurant Crasborn. However, some conditions apply. Dogs are only allowed on a leash in the restaurant and/or in the breakfast room. They are also only allowed in a few rooms allocated by us and only on reservation in advance.

The extra costs for the stay of a dog are € 9.50 per night. If you do not register/book in advance, the costs are € 17.50 per night. Please be advised that it is unfortunately not possible to accomodate dogs in all our hotel rooms.

There are plenty of outlets, as it is a lovely walk from Thorn to the nearby Waterstraat and the Maasplassen. If you have an older dog, please keep in mind that you have to go up a staircase with 17 steps or book one of our suites on the ground floor.


  • Pre-booking required
  • Stay in your own basket / own blanket or in a dog crate you brought along.
  • Sleeping in or on a bed/chair is not allowed.
  • Please bring your own dog bowl.
  • Not available in all rooms.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash in the public areas of the hotel.
  • Please do not allow dogs to sit on a chair or table, even if they fit in a handbag.
  • Please do not leave your dog unattended in your room.
  • Always be considerate of other hotel guests. Dogs must behave calmly and kindly towards other guests. This means, among other things, no barking in the room or in the restaurant.
  • You are personally liable for any damage that the dog could cause in the room or in our building.
  • If you do not follow the above conditions and direct instructions from our employees, we can request you to end your dog's stay in our hotel. However, no refunds of the cost of your stay will be made.

If you have any questions, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us via