Boat trips

In the large Maasplassen area, there are various options for taking a boat trip to Thorn and over the extensive water area in the area.

The Maasplassen is an extensive, continuous network of large and small lakes, created by gravel excavations. Hardly anyone knows that the Maasplassen, with an area of over 3000 hectares, is also the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands.

Boat trips to and from Thorn: 
Rederij Cascade, Havenstraat 20, 6051 CS Maasbracht, +31 475 461 574, 

Take a trip by boat on the Maas and Maasplassen and visit some villages on the Maas with the regular service or sail through the lock complex in Maasbracht.

Boat trip Thorn and Belgian Maasplassen:
In addition to the many lakes in Dutch Limburg, you can also enjoy the beautiful water lakes in Belgian Limburg at Ophoven and Maaseik.

Marec, Maasdijk 1, B-3640 Ophoven, België, +32 89 56 75 03, 

Boat trips around the Maasplassen Roermond and surroundings:
Many lakes have formed around Roermond due to the gravel excavations. As a result, you can see a huge range of animal species, flowers and plants along the water. There are various possibilities to enjoy the Maas landscape from the boat.

Concorde Maasplassen Tours, Hatenboer 51 (Hoofd steiger), 6041TN, Roermond, Phone:  +31 6 29 41 88 78, 

Rederij de Corporaal, Roerkade, 6041 KZ Roermond, Phone: +31 6 21244413,