Active and energetics

Besides hiking and cycling you can find all kinds of sports activities in the surroundings of Thorn. The Maasplassen area is perfect for practicing various types of water sports.

In the nature reserves in the vicinity of Thorn you can enjoy peace, space and nature on your horse. You can hit a great hole-in-one on the large green lawns of the golf course.

If you want to maintain your fitness level during your stay in our Hotel, you can visit these gyms:
- Anytime Fitness, Sint Antoniusstraat 26, 6097 ND Panheel, Phone: +31 475-238585
- HeelFit, Kasteellaan 1, 6097 GM Heel, Phone: +31 475-563592

Equestrian, and put together your own equestrian route.

Daybeach, 500 meters from Hotel Crasborn
Fun Beach Event en Leisure Park Panheel,Velkenskamp 1, 6097 NN Panheel, Telefoon +31 (0)475-579085, 

IJzeren Man Geurtsvenweg 1, 6006 SN Weert, Telefoon: +31(0)495 – 537170  


Golfclub Land van Thorn, Kallestraat 37, 6013 RM Hunsel, Tel. 0475- 563350, 

Indoormidgetgolf Geelenhoof

Grathemerweg 16 · 6037 NR KELPEN-OLER · T +31 495 651 858 ·  

Good weather or bad weather, cold or warm, this sport can be played every season in our covered silo converted into indoor mini golf.
It is a 17-hole course. A number of years ago designed with the theme of the companies in the municipality of Leudal.

Midgetgolf De Beertuin
Bastion Holland 8, 6107 BH Stevensweert Tel.+31 (0)475 55 1912, 

Unique in Limburg is the mini golf course where you play on artificial grass. This has the advantage that this exciting game, which is very suitable for both the young and the old, can be played in almost any weather condition. You can also hit a ball in the evening on the 18 courts, which are located in the beautifully landscaped garden, because in the evenings the courts are illuminated, which gives it all a fairytale look.

GlowGolf Weert
Trancheeweg 7, 6002 ST Weert, Tel. +31 (0)495 584 777 

At GlowGolf Weert you can play mini golf in an amazing setting. Our Glow-in-the-dark mini golf course is a true adventure ride along rivers, the desert and beautiful oceans.

Allin Echt
Bandertlaan 9, 6101 NL Echt, T. +31 (0)475-418900,

It is a 14-kilometer drive from Thorn to this large playparadise. You can go bowling, laser gaming, (children's) karting, glow in the dark, practice paintball, archery or have yourself locked up in an escape room.

Fishing: Heioord Forellenvijver, Rutjensstraat 6, 6015 RE Neeritter, Phone: +31 475 566 609, 

Watersports for all your information about the Maasplasen area in Central Limburg. Take a look at Dagje Uit.

Fun Beach Event en Leisure Park Panheel,Velkenskamp 1, 6097 NN Panheel

Waterskibaan Zwembad de IJzeren Man Weert, Geurtsvenweg 1, 6006 SN Weert 

Duikcentrum Scuba Adventures Europe, Bosmolenweg 3, 6097 NG Heel Phone: +31(0)6 537 019 03,

Masurfspot VZW, Weertersteenweg 104, 3680 Maaseik, 

Wake2wake, Leeuwerikstraat 80a, 3680 Maaseik, Phone: +32 (0) 89565305,